The event will also launch two new books from speakers:

Somatic Cinema by Luke Hockley

Somatic Cinema Cover

“Films can hold personal psychological meanings that are often at odds with their narratives. Examining the intersections between mental health and the cinema, Somatic Cinema represents the cutting edge of film theory, evaluating the significance of this phenomenon both in therapy and in the everyday world.


Luke Hockley draws on the insights of phenomenological and Jungian film theory and applies them alongside more established psychoanalytic approaches.

The result is to combine the idea of affective bodily experience with unconscious processes as a means to explore a new ontology of the cinema. The emphasis is therefore shifted from pure intellectual insight to greater inclusion of personally constructed meanings and experiences. Several key concepts are developed and explored as throughout the book. These include:

–        The idea of the ‘Third Image’, occupying the intersubjective space between viewer and screen, and therapist and client

–        The concept of the Cinematic Frame (as opposed to the Film Frame), the container of the psychological relationship between viewer and screen

–        The use of the Cinematic Experience to encapsulate the somatic expression of unconscious effects that develop while a film is viewed and which are central to the creation of personal psychological meanings.

With a focus on examining why we develop a personal relationship with films, Somatic Cinema is ideal for academics and students of film studies, media studies and analytical psychology.”


Psychoanalysis and Ethics in Documentary Film by Agnieszka Piotrowska


“This passionate book offers a radical new understanding of the relationship between Agnieszka in Sicillydocumentary filmmakers and their ‘subjects’ – the people who participate in their films. Drawing on her own background as a filmmaker alongside a deep immersion in the literature on psychoanalysis and film, Agnieszka Piotrowska shows how complicated and intense the involvement of filmmakers with their subjects can be. The book announces a remarkable and distinctive interdisciplinary perspective that uses psychoanalysis, philosophy, social theory and film studies to explore the intense underside of the documentary experience.” – Professor Stephen Frosh, Birkbeck College, University of London, United Kingdom .

This distinctively interdisciplinary approach to the subject encompasses filmmaking, psychoanalysis, philosophy and popular culture and offers a unique insight into documentary film practice from a psychoanalytic perspective. At the heart of the enquiry is belief that ‘transference-love’ is present in the documentary encounter.

With a focus on testimony-driven film and a foreword by Michael Renov, who calls this book ‘a radical and compelling account’, Psychoanalysis and Ethics in Documentary Film covers a range of topics including:

–     Four fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis and documentary film

–     A review of documentary film practice

–     A personal account of the author’s relationship with a subject of her own work

–     A thorough interrogation of the ethics of documentary

Ideal for film studies scholars, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists and psychotherapeutically engaged professionals, as well as filmmakers, culture studies students and anyone interested in the process of documentary-making and contemporary culture, this work offers a unique approach.

CONTENTS: Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis and Documentary Film:
Documentary Film – A Discourse of Desire. Documentary as Interpellation
The Conman and I – A Study in Transference
The Ethics of Documentary. The Ethics – What Ethics?
The Horror of the Doppelganger
Click here to pre-order your copy of Psychoanalysis and Ethics in Documentary Film



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